Comfort Housing’s co-operator offers to take care of all the administrative work for the entire duration of the tenancy. Comfort Housing’s co-operator will collect rent, make sure the costs that are depending on usage are paid and take care of all correspondance with the tenant. Furthermore Comfort Housing’s co-operator will be the point of contact if practical and technical problems should arise.

As a part of the administrative arrangement, reports of arrivals and vacations will be made, so it is ensured that everything goes according to agreements. An integral component of the tenant reports is photo documentation. The reports can be a vital part of the documentation needed to settle damage and repair disputes with tenants, and resolve any shortcomings that might have arisen during the period of rental.

Many international tenants look for homes, that have Comfort Housing’s co-operator in charge of the administrative work. For the tenant this is a security that contact can be made with English speaking personnel, and that any problems are resolved as soon as possible.

So not only do you get an effective administration, you will also increase the speed with which your home is rented out.

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