This is how we do it

1. Preliminary meeting​

In the preliminary meeting we will go through the home to be rented out, during this meeting, we will go through your questions and attune the expectation of the rent level for your home. We are happy to suggest changes that will make your home more attractive to rent.

2. Deal is made​

When you have decided to work with Comfort Housing we will make a deal in which the guidelines for the rental is determined. Immediately after this, our extensive list of the home features is made, and the search to find the ideal tenant for your home will commence.

3. Presentations​

We will agree upon who is to present your home. We will contact you prior to every presentation, to enable you to have a complete view of when we will come to your home.

4. Rental agreement is made​

When the right tenant for your home has been found, Comfort Housing will prepare the rental contract based on the features earlier agreed upon, and arrange for the tenants signature. We also ensure the specified deposit and any other pre-paid amounts, are deposited into your account before the tenant is presented with keys and more to the home.

We are happy to obtain a credit check of your prospective tenant.​

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