Comfort Housing’s co-operator offers to take care of all the administrative work for the entire duration of the tenancy. Comfort Housing will collect rent, make sure the costs that are depending on usage are paid and take care of all correspondance with the tenant.​


Investment in propertys has historically seen been a secure form of investment. Especially when you make your investment in an area that is in a good development, and with a bright future perspective.​


Moving to Copenhagen?

Comfort Housing can offer you a complete package, wherein we take care of all the practical elements.


Comfort Housing can offer to maintain your garden, both as an ongoing service and as a one off service.

Comfort Housing will mow the lawn and cut the hedges. We will keep the garden beds and sweep up the leaves. We offer a range of packages depending on the size of the garden and your wishes to the level of maintenance. Our consultants are happy to give you a price on the maintenance of your garden. If the garden is in need of a brush up before the rental or in the end of a tenancy, we will be happy to give you a quote on taking care of this for you.

Reports of moving in and vacating

Comfort Housings moving reports with additional photo documentation, helps create the correct image of the rented homes condition and helps remove any doubts.

Quality check

As a part of our service to letters, we offer to go through the home meant for renting out. A home in a good condition can always bring in a higher rent, but the cost of any improvements must of course be weighed against it.


Should you choose to rent out your home without furniture, the need for secure storage of your furniture could arise. Comfort Housing offers to store your furniture – dry and secure.


Could your everyday life be made easier with help for the cleaning? Is there not enough time for the thorough cleaning after moving?

Comfort Housing offers different types of cleaning services: Spring cleaning, or weekly/half-monthly schedules.

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