Investment in propertys has historically seen been a secure form of investment. Especially when you make your investment in an area that is in a good development, and with a bright future perspective.

It is important to think it through before the investment is made, and it is important to assess the uses of the object of investment – both in the short and long run.

Unfortunately Comfort Housing is not able to predict the development in pricing of real estate, but we can make an assessment of the opportunities in the object of investment. We know what preferences the future tenants have when it comes to location, condition and facilities. We can tell you what the object of investment could bring you in rent income and we can assess whether or not there is profitable investment in improvements, that could mean the level of rent could be raised.

Depending on your wishes regarding the investment, we can propose relevant prospects from the current market, and we can help you through the process of purchasing.

Our counseling could easily turn out to be your best investment.

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